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Sprint: bye, price advantage, hello $10 fee for everyone

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Well, not everyone, just everyone who wants to buy an Android or Windows 7 or Blackberry phone. Which is a lot of people anyways. I already wrote about anti-points on their $10 for 4G service last May. Now this $10 “because we can” fee is spreading to everyone on a new contract. But that’d be […]

Poor Sprint, Verizon is creeping closer to their plans

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Oh boy. Looks like Verizon is not quite happy with that Sprint’s commercial where they claim to offer a better plan for $69.99. Which is still true up to this point — you generally have to choose limited anytime minutes on Sprint with unlimited anything else or unlimited talk and sms but not data on […]

No Google Nexus on Verizon – not a big loss

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I’m still curious about CDMA version of Google’s Nexus one. But given the circumstances, I am not sad to see Verizon drop the phone. Or rather Google confirming, that phone is no longer planned for Verizon (so much for those “sign up right here and we will let you know when the phone is available” […]