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What Google TV should be, but won’t

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So, all of the Google TV / Logitech device leaks, videos, demos and all, make me think that new Google TV won’t really make any difference. Not in this form. Primarily because it’s just re-hashing of currently available technologies, with a pinch of on-screen information thrown in. Yes, it’s nice that you can do a […]

HBO: no streaming for you, Netflix customer!

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So, HBO doesn’t want Netflix to stream its content. Why am I not surprised? Mostly because I believe that greed generally leads to exclusivity (even though laws of economics generally dictate that it’s not quite as profitable to squeeze every last dollar out of your customer, but rather find an optimal price, where demand and […]

Please let me buy tv channels à la carte

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Today’s rant is dedicated to the cable companies and other pay TV providers, that figured out how to make money by selling unneeded junk. You know that joke, “in the future there will be 500 TV channels… and nothing to watch“. The future is now. Sadly, out of the 300 or so channels I have […]