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Sherlock TV Series: kinda nice, 4 out of 5

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I am way behind on watching the TV. Or should I say “telly”, given that this time I’ve been watching British TV series Sherlock from way back in 2010. First episode left me positively impressed, I loved it. Second and third were kinda nice but the actual puzzles in the third one were downright boring. […]

Content providers are mad, want to sue Time Warner over iPad app

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Oh, madness, thy name is “content providers” now (plurals are allowed, right? it’s an odd name). Because content providers are about to sue over new way to view their shows. I understand this whole “love-hate” relationship between cable companies and content providers, but this is border-line insanity with paranoia. Just when Time Warner introduced iPad […]

Will Netflix really save the “cult shows”?

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So, Netflix went boldly where no other rental company went before and bought itself a TV show, so it can be not only a middleman between the spigot of Hollywood TV creations and viewers, but the supplier of show(s) as well. If the price is right, sure, why not? The real question is, will it […]

New Law and Order: Los Angeles

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Law and Order: Los Angeles Oh my gosh. How many re-incarnations will there be of the Law and Order series? I mean yes, you can make as many of them as you wish, all with pretty much similar duos/ teams doing pretty much same things, and then starting to pull stories off of the news […]

Boxee: will it survive $200 price?

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So, the official Boxee box is finally available for pre-order for $200. So, is it too expensive or not? Depends on if you’re looking from the geek’s point of view or an end user’s point of view. I think it’s a bit too expensive for its own good. As of right now, it is more […]