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Bye, Sprint, hello Straight Talk

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Well, I did it. I joined the ranks of people who scare the cr*p out of wireless carriers — prepaid users! Mostly I’ve done it because Sprint pissed me off one final time™ Out of major carriers Sprint has been one of the last one(s) to offer unlimited data (now T-Mobile is back with their […]

Google Voice: Hold off on activating Sprint integration

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Google Voice has finally turned on it’s integration with Sprint cell phone subscribers. Or, at least, for most of them. And, unsurprisingly, a large swath of problems is now making life of those “early adopters” miserable. And I’m not surprised. Google has always been a company for robots and adventurous humans. Most things are extremely […]

AT&T and T-Mobile – Sprint’s bad luck

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Well, that was unexpected. As many others, I think the AT&T – T-Mobile merger will result in this: It’s like trying to merge a hipster with an old bureaucrat and expect hipster to win — doesn’t normally happen. I don’t think T-Mobile’s customer service will really go downhill once the merger is approved. And I […]

Sprint: bye, price advantage, hello $10 fee for everyone

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Well, not everyone, just everyone who wants to buy an Android or Windows 7 or Blackberry phone. Which is a lot of people anyways. I already wrote about anti-points on their $10 for 4G service last May. Now this $10 “because we can” fee is spreading to everyone on a new contract. But that’d be […]

Poor Sprint, Verizon is creeping closer to their plans

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Oh boy. Looks like Verizon is not quite happy with that Sprint’s commercial where they claim to offer a better plan for $69.99. Which is still true up to this point — you generally have to choose limited anytime minutes on Sprint with unlimited anything else or unlimited talk and sms but not data on […]