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Legion on FX: what the…

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So I have finally watched first episode of the Legion show from FX. The results are… mixed, at best. I guess I went into this with wrong expectations. I kind of expected “superhero TV series linked to X-Men” and it ended up being something akin to Twin Peaks on steroids. Or worse. Very confusing, quite […]

Constantine TV series: Supernatural too?

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I really liked Constantine the movie, even though it turned out to be not quite “accurate” (blah-blah-blah, British accent missing, blah), so I was quite interested to see the “TV” version on NBC. This Constantine is different. Way more scruffy, way more typically British and way more… formulaic. I mean I haven’t actually read any […]

Extant: quite good, actually

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CBS’s Extant turned out to be better than I expected. After Almost Human got whacked due to low ratings I don’t expect science fiction series to survive long, but Extant might have a chance. Even though it gives me this mixed feeling of familiarity and compote made out of all the tropes they could throw […]

Defiance, the SyFy series: kinda okay

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So, the SyFy is celebrating the most-watched scripted series premiere of the Defiance with 2.7 million viewers. Good sign? Probably. But how good? They reached back into 2006. Seven. Years. Ago. That’s how long it’s been since a new and interesting serties got a decent rating. Practically while Stargate SG-1 was giving up it’s last […]

Prometheus: this is what happens when idiots get into space

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Prometheus As many other sci-fi fans, I went to see the Prometheus. That “Non-Alien” Alien movie. Which is like a prequel but not quite, because writing clear prequel was too boring, so there. And I have to say I am both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised. Pleasant surprise — visuals. These days nobody is afraid of […]