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Not quite sure why so many people are abuzz about I tried their “3 day free trial” and so far thoroughly unimpressed. I suppose I just know a bit too well what kind of music I would want to listen too, especially as their suggestion engine has not quite that much data to work […]

Review: Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse 10)

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Charlaine Harris: Dead in the Family Hard to believe it’s been 10 books already. All about the perky waitress with mind-reading capabilities and nasty-sounding to Russian speaking reader name. I’ve read the whole book in one seating and have somewhat mixed feelings. From one point, I did like it, pretty much like I liked most […]

Review: God of War III (5 stars)

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God of War III Probably one of the best PS3 titles. Given that I never got on WOW bandwagon (come on, I am not that social, to coordinate the time I play a game with N other individuals, I like to play when I want and how long I want) and my vehicle control skills […]

BN Nook: when power button is not enough

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I love gadgets. Even though I’m not as crazed about getting the newest and greatest thing (hence absence of iPad that I just “don’t get” yet, not until the OS gets updated anyways) I still periodically buy gadgets I don’t need, but do want. BN Nook was one of those gadgets. I was one of […]

Review: A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun

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A Certain Magical Index (とある魔術の禁書目録) Yes, yes I love anime. Duh, geek and all. But I don’t like just any anime. When I started watching A Certain Magical Index I have to admit, I was worried a bit — first few episodes were a bit heavy on Tōma’s monologues. In fact, he talked way too […]