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P.s. about expensive Apple stuff

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After I wrote about the plastic box for $40 I also remembered that there’s an even more outrageously expensive piece of plastic that is both costs less than a buck and is sold for quite a good amount of money. iPhone Bumpers for $30. Cost to make one? Less than a buck. Cause that’s the […]

Buy a box for 40 bucks? No, thanks

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I should not really be surprised that Apple produces a certain clout of “expensive design-er-ness-ness feeling”. Where simple products that cost a few cents/bucks to make, magically become more expensive because they are “designed for Apple” or look kinda like Apple products. Well, in a “regular” store anyways, eventually there will be chinese knock-offs for […]

Sorry, but your credit is too good

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Another weird fact from the cell phone world — these days having an “okay” credit is not good enough for cell phone carriers. It used to be pretty much impossible to get a pre-paid cell phone. Rates were high, phones — extra fugly. And then bit by bit situation started to change. Phones are still […]