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Bye, Sprint, hello Straight Talk

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Well, I did it. I joined the ranks of people who scare the cr*p out of wireless carriers — prepaid users! Mostly I’ve done it because Sprint pissed me off one final time™ Out of major carriers Sprint has been one of the last one(s) to offer unlimited data (now T-Mobile is back with their […]

Prepaid gets serious about data thanks to Sprint

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Wow. Looks like someone at Sprint got serious about prepaid market penetration and future vision. Virgin Mobile, which was bought by Sprint a while back and always been using Sprint network, will offer new Beyond Talk plans with unlimited data and sms and emails for as little as $25 (300 minutes, or 1200 for $40). […]

No Google Nexus on Verizon – not a big loss

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I’m still curious about CDMA version of Google’s Nexus one. But given the circumstances, I am not sad to see Verizon drop the phone. Or rather Google confirming, that phone is no longer planned for Verizon (so much for those “sign up right here and we will let you know when the phone is available” […]

Sorry, but your credit is too good

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Another weird fact from the cell phone world — these days having an “okay” credit is not good enough for cell phone carriers. It used to be pretty much impossible to get a pre-paid cell phone. Rates were high, phones — extra fugly. And then bit by bit situation started to change. Phones are still […]

Telecom pricing: ad price is not the price

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When I just moved to Texas, I was shocked at local telecommunication pricing. Not as much at how much it costs (well, at that too, sometimes) but how far away you are removed from the real price. First encounter was with the regular phone, but then pretty much the same problem happens in almost all […]