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Denair middle school to student: no flag on school property

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And here’s another example of political correctness going way, way overboard. Administration of Denair middle school (California, of course) prohibited 13-year old Cody Alicea from flying the US flag on his bicycle. Apparently, showing the flag of the country you live in is now politically incorrect, as some students complained the 8th grader was riding […]

San Francisco: Just sell them a toy with a meal

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So, in all that excitement of elections (and push-back from general public to the ideas that Democrats attempted to bring to life), San Francisco went and earned itself another merit badge of “How Not To Do Things”. This time they made a law that bans McDonald’s Happy Meal starting from December 1st. As usual, all […]

City of Austin hates Arizona

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Official reason — that “discriminating” law. The real question is, really? With all of the amendments Arizona’s law expressly forbids discrimination, does not allow anyone to be stopped because of their race, and pretty much mirrors what federal law says. But who wants to read some boring law, when there’s a chance to protect illegal […]