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Elysium: Um…. 2 stars

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So, I’ve watched The Elysium this weekend. And results are rather mixed. I mean it’s a nice action movie with standard “self-sacrifice” and “for the greater good” and “think of the children” message (that’s probably why the score is so high in Rotten Tomatoes — unless you have self-sacrifice themes you’re doomed to be labeled […]

Review: Dredd 3D 4.5 stars (how awesome is that)

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Dredd 3D I was skeptical and didn’t expect much from the remake of the Judge Dredd. If you saw the Stallone’s version you probably remember it as not-quite-that-great but passable sci-fi action. Aside from doing visual facelift and a more symmetrical smirk from Karl Urban there’s not much that could be done to remake that […]

The Dark Knight Rises: huh?

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So, I have finally watched the Dark Knight Rises, the very last (for now) part of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga. And my primary reaction was “Huh?”. I suppose I was a bit tired when watching it after a long day. I’m also not a big Batman fanboy — I mean I like the idea […]

Prometheus: this is what happens when idiots get into space

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Prometheus As many other sci-fi fans, I went to see the Prometheus. That “Non-Alien” Alien movie. Which is like a prequel but not quite, because writing clear prequel was too boring, so there. And I have to say I am both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised. Pleasant surprise — visuals. These days nobody is afraid of […]

Scott Pilgrim vs the Not So Interested World

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So, as I don’t want to go and see that new super epic Scott Pilgrim movie, I thought I’d jot down the reasons for it. Primary, of course, it’s the main character, and Michael Cera. I’m sorry, but despite all the glitz and humor in trailers, I got that distinct impression of Scott Pilgrim being […]