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Google Nexus 6: cool phone, crazy price and size

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Sooo, we now officially have Google Nexus 6 from Motorola. And Android Lollipop too. Which is nice. But the price… Up until now all Nexus devices were examples, shiny beacons of how you could have an awesome almost-flagman android device at super-affordable price. Your choice was to get “pure” Google experience and manually smooth over […]

Quit it, Moto, let people install what they want

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So, Motorola practically overnight turned from pioneer of neat Android devices to nasty villain, trying to lock everything down with eFuse chips. Technicalities flying around about if eFuse will ‘brick’ or won’t ‘brick’ the phones. Motorola, of course, says that it wouldn’t. It’s just phone won’t boot into “unauthorized” software, thanks to the chip. I […]

AT&T behaves like old self, cripples first Android phone

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Why am I not surprised? AT&T Mobility behaves like, well, AT&T. Which means this first new Android based phone gets cripled beyond belief, crapware programs added, everything gets covered with Cingular/ATT security sertificates, so that users would have no ability to install something “unapproved” “for your convenience”. Or worse, like old problem with Java programs […]