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Straight Talk: slight trouble in MMS paradise

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So, after months of good service, Straight Talk / TracFone suddenly sent me “Please restart your phone to apply settings” type of message. Looks like they have modified their APN settings (used to be AT&T MVNO and now it’s more “TracFone”-like “tfdata”). I rebooted my phone, and everything seemed to be fine. Except my MMS […]

T-Mobile: Un-carrier with somewhat better prices

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Looks like T-Mobile’s new “uncarrier” plans are now live. And it’s a good thing. Kinda. First, the good part: – no more contract. If you want a “discounted” phone, you have to just finance it, and add to monthly payments. This was always the worst possible aspect of US cell phone service — you used […]

Did Verizon sneak up and bit EE? Extremely Expensive!

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When I was visiting London last Summer, I was quite surprised with prices for prepaid and even some post-paid cell phone plans (or, as they’re called “Pay and Go” and “Pay Monthly”). 15 pounds buys you either a gig and a half of data on O2 (as prepaid, with some minutes and texts) or unlimited […]

Poor Sprint, Verizon is creeping closer to their plans

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Oh boy. Looks like Verizon is not quite happy with that Sprint’s commercial where they claim to offer a better plan for $69.99. Which is still true up to this point — you generally have to choose limited anytime minutes on Sprint with unlimited anything else or unlimited talk and sms but not data on […]

Nokia: any hope for US significance?

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Ah, poor Nokia. It’s marketshare keeps on slipping (according to IDC), and the US market share is just tiny, compared to the world-wide (7.8%). Yet the management seems to claim that US market will be the priority, and that company will be “listening to carriers”. At the same time there will be no new CDMA […]