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Microsoft finally buys Nokia. Bye, Nokia

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It’s been a loooong time, but the moment everyone was waiting for is finally here. Stephen Elop’s work is done, and crippled, bloodied, slightly twitching corpse of previously all-powerful cell phone giant Nokia has been sold off to the Microsoft for a measly 5.66 Billion Euro in cash. Measly, because just a little while ago […]

Microsoft Russia: Of course we’ll give Skype source code to government

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Microsoft’s about to buy Skype, everyone read about it. And, inevitably, Microsoft is already getting blamed for every sneeze/cough/outage/weirdness of Skype there is (specifically that little Easy Bits Games Go fiasco that let users to believe they just caught some trojan or a virus and outage that made some thing it’s a sabotage). But there […]

Nokia and Microsoft join forces, open new possibilities

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So, it happened. Nokia and Microsoft are joining forces, so I get to write an update to the Burning Platform post. Overall, I like the idea, though I think Nokia should go even further. Positive aspects of the deal: – Hardware guys finally will be free to do interesting things, no longer shackled by Symbian […]

Microsoft strikes at marketing dreams, shows users good side

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Microsoft’s IE 9 blog has an article about new tracking control, and some preliminary information on how it will be implemented (primarily with “allow” and “deny” regular expressions). And this gives me a hope that at least this department is interested in helping users first, and making money later. Here are my thoughts on “do […]

Ford Sync: Strangeness you can get used to

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Carrying on rants about 2011 Ford Fiesta’s Sync. Car’s Sync system pretends to be two bluetooth devices — one for phone (headset) the other — audio system. They can sorta co-exist at the same time. If you say “phone” then you get phone/headset interface (“Call Jane Doe” will correctly get processed and a call will […]