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Qik: $5 will be for “premium” features

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I guess Qik quickly realized what storm that “oh and give us $5 for video chat” thing brought, so now they say that charge will be for some premium feature. Without saying what kind of premium feature it will be. But that basic video chat will be free. So, short of offering a once-a-month chance […]

UPS: Always on time! Kinda…

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UPS is a marvel of efficiency, most of the time. But what concerns me, is how they actually treat packages that are delayed. Generally I presume people that are supposed to receive a package kinda expect an accurate estimation. Say, if the package is shipped, and claims it will be delivered in 2 days, […]

Sprint CFO seems to be wrong, didn’t learn from Pre

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Sprint’s CFO Robert Brust said in an interview that while Pre “didn’t really work out as well as they hoped” but they “learned a lot” and now do want an iPhone. Except they won’t have it for a while (couple years minimum, unless Steve Jobs feels so threatened by HTC’s multitude of phones that he’ll […]

Marketing genius: celebrities call you. Or is it?

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A friend of mine sent me a link to the site (not a link, because I don’t think it’s a good way to spend 4 bucks). After listening to several of the “sample” messages and poking around the forms, I remembered train station in Russia. St Petersburg one had a system like that — […]