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Google lost the war on spam in shopping results

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So, thanks to global warming global cooling freaky weather (oh whatever it is, but it’ll get blamed on global warming anyways) Austin is expected to have a wonderful 14F weather this week. Given that insulation in homes here is kinda slim, especially in a garage, I was thinking about bringing in a spatial heater to […]

Sprint: bye, price advantage, hello $10 fee for everyone

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Well, not everyone, just everyone who wants to buy an Android or Windows 7 or Blackberry phone. Which is a lot of people anyways. I already wrote about anti-points on their $10 for 4G service last May. Now this $10 “because we can” fee is spreading to everyone on a new contract. But that’d be […]

Web payola and blogola – it’s alive and well

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A few weeks ago I got an offer of an “ads placement” for one of my other domains. Given that I outgrew the “I’ll blog, get tons of readers and be rich!” phase a looong time ago, right after realizing that most internet users have more important things to do than reading my rants (yay, […]

Only branding and marketing can spent two years on a square

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And still come up with the dullest, stupidest, most 80-s software-like logo ever. Yes, I’m talking about GAP, of couse (who doesn’t). Laird+Partners, who spent two years “reinventing the brand” is obviously gave up, found a programmer who wanted to go home that last Friday night and demanded “a fresh idea” or he/she wouldn’t be […]

Vonage invents a new “IP fee”

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Several years ago I switched from my local phone company (which was MCI at the time) to Vonage. They were brand spanking new company at the time, and were hip, honest, to-the-point, and much cheaper than what a bundle of local services cost. As the years went by, Vonage turned into one of the “big” […]