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If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t care that much

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Marketing from Apple always was exciting and fresh. And occasional inaccuracies are usually written off as per “artistic license”. But lately their standards have fallen, especially when looking at facts. Yes, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have “that” app store. You probably have Android Market instead, or download apps directly (even Nokia […]

AT&T adds overages, drops unlimited internet on DLS/U-verse from May 2

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So, there it is, that final blow to Netflix’s idea of becoming a streaming empire, or at least put a brake to it, as families with several people watching streaming content will probably run over the limit. AT&T confirmed that starting from May 2nd 2011 there will be no unlimited internet plans. Users on DSL […]

Say hello to spying SanDisk microSDHC card for Android phones

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Looks like the time of passive data storage cards is gone. More specifically, you can no longer rely on the fact that memory card just stores the content (or, potentially, controls access to content by checking key you present to it). SanDisk this month announced a new microSDHC Mobile Memory card (see press-release here) that […]

AIM Group tries to claim Craigslist is full of crime, trumps up statistics

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IB Times reports on study about Craigslist and crime. Study was conducted by AIM Group which specializes in placement of paid classifieds, and, unsurprisingly, disses free online classifieds as “a cesspool of crime”. According to their study last year Craigslist was linked to 447 crimes (12 murders, 105 robberies/assaults and 330 abstract crimes), which supposed […]

Mozy: suicide by pricing, while Crashplan laughs all over twitter

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A while ago I wrote that metered billing will kill the online storage. Looks like Mozy just demonstrated how this will happen. Except in this case there’s no telecom or cable company executive, that experienced a sudden refreshing thought of implementing “small cap for the same price a month + large over-use fee”, it’s the […]