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Time Warner is testing the usage billing. Again

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When AT&T announced caps back in May you probably pretty much figured out that Time Warner will be headed there too quite soon. Well, the soon is now. Bloomberg reports that TW CEO says they’re working on installing meters. Just like the Communist Party, it will be done “for the sake of fairness” and, I […]

Sony and Debix: scary number of errors

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So, Sony has (finally) made the second step of trying to smoothe over this horrible Playstation Network hacking incident, and actually emailed out the invitation link to get free identity theft protection from Debix. Specifically their “AllClear ID PLUS” (the link is specific to Sony customers). Given a series of “secondary” hacks occuring at a […]

Zappos: where your review makes you look smarter than you are

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One of my friends shared a link to the Slate article about review editing, which referred a study about the impact of well-written reviews on sales by Panos Ipeirotis. Well, the study was about improving product prediction, but as a side note authors noted, that well-written reviews, with no grammar and spelling errors, improve sales […]

Marketing weirdness: Living Techie

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Ah, the Groupon/LivingSocial Clones… Gotta love that swarm of sites, all offering subscription to some “special deal”, once a day (or so, weekends can be weird) with outrageous deals. And what do I see? A new one, advertised by Techcrunch. Of course I had to check it out (at least as a thanks for momentarily […]

AT&T wants to auto-enroll you in tethering plan

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Ah yes, the new bastion of fair usage and caps, AT&T, now decided to auto-switch users who tether their phones by using jailbreak to their special tethering plan, which costs more and gives a separate 2Gb bucket specifically for laptop/whatever data. You probably remember that they’ve done something similar before — Media Net packages with […]