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AT&T wants to auto-enroll you in tethering plan

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Ah yes, the new bastion of fair usage and caps, AT&T, now decided to auto-switch users who tether their phones by using jailbreak to their special tethering plan, which costs more and gives a separate 2Gb bucket specifically for laptop/whatever data. You probably remember that they’ve done something similar before — Media Net packages with […]

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t care that much

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Marketing from Apple always was exciting and fresh. And occasional inaccuracies are usually written off as per “artistic license”. But lately their standards have fallen, especially when looking at facts. Yes, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have “that” app store. You probably have Android Market instead, or download apps directly (even Nokia […]

iPhone 4 – “our bars are all wrong”

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So, I’ve read the Apple’s press release about the iPhone 4 death grip reception problem. Lovely. Now I have just a few questions: – why was AT&T’s “recently recommended” formula for calculating and displaying number of bars ignored in the first place? Was it something that AT&T did when Apple asked them? Or they never […]

Only Apple can teach people how to handle the phone

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So, I did check co-worker’s phone for the “reception issue” where grabbing the phone by the sides results in gradual 4-bar signal strength loss. In his case it started with 5 bars and ended with 1, still being able to receive the call, though placing a call took a long time. Yes, the antenna problems […]