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No choice but to participate in health care?

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I already did my ranting about the individual health insurance and how I believe it’s an attempt to fix a consequence rather than the cause of the problem. But lately lawsuits showed another strange set of arguments why the idea behind “buy insurance or pay a fine” should be implemented. In this case administration plays […]

First victim of new health care law: child-only policies

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First provisions of the new health care (insurance, really) reform law is going into effect, and, just as I suspected, the first “side effects” are already here. Insurers in Texas decided to stop offering child-only coverage completely, rather than face unlimited liability and “can’t deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions” restrictions. From business point of […]

Healthcare: insurance should not be needed

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It’s Sunday, which probably means that by the end of the day US will have “health care reform”. Political reasons aside, it’s still puzzling to me why politicians do not want to fix the actual cause of the situation. Scratch that, considering the amount of money involved in politics, I understand that. I am, like […]