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Gym: forgetfulness getting ridiculous

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Things are getting ridiculous at the gym. Unless it’s some sort of special way to claim the shower stall, men forgot today: one pair of black swimming glasses, a pair of grey underwear (hanging right on a glass door), a set of shaving supplies (if sign says “DO NOT SHAVE” then you just have to […]

Gym: motivation booster and destroyer

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Before Texas, I never actually went to the gym. There were school gyms, and kendo section (also in school gym) but never “gym” gym. It’s one of those new discoveries in US — the local “super”-gym. An impressive structure, with showers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, machines, free weights, running tracks, basketball courts and rock […]

Forgotten things at the gym

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Being absent-minded myself, I always get mixed feelings at seeing how absent-minded other people can be. Sometimes, though, I can’t help but laugh. In course of going to the gym for several months, I’ve seen a number of weird forgotten things. For example: Running shoes. I suppose it’s something one can easily forget. Usually a […]