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Google Chrome: die, http://, die!

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Interesting. I had a feeling that ever since last update of Google Chrome the interface has changed ever so slightly. So, I have finally realized that one itsy-bitsy tiny, yet ever so important detail is missing. There’s no more http:// in the address bar: When you type it in, it gets removed and replaced with […]

Google Instant – like an annoying aunt

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So, Google went for another almost useless search improvement. “Google Instant” starts giving you results even before you finished typing your query, refreshing whole page on the fly. It’s like talking to an annoying aunt that starts answering before you have completed the sentence. “Wh..” “– What is the average price of Gold?” “What..” “– […]

What Google TV should be, but won’t

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So, all of the Google TV / Logitech device leaks, videos, demos and all, make me think that new Google TV won’t really make any difference. Not in this form. Primarily because it’s just re-hashing of currently available technologies, with a pinch of on-screen information thrown in. Yes, it’s nice that you can do a […]

Google Voice: hold off on upgrading

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So, the updated version of Google Voice application for Android (and most likely other version as well, but I haven’t tried the blackberry one) now has a new “faster” dialing. What was happening before, is your phone would call web service, then dial your Google Voice number, and connected you wherever you were trying to […]

Google Adwords: robots continue to take over

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Another gripe about Google ads. This time purely from the web browsing point of view. I understand that robots are trying to optimize ads system show so that you, site visitor, would click on them with a better probability (and then Google gets paid, and even the site owner maybe will kinda get half a […]