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Google lost the war on spam in shopping results

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So, thanks to global warming global cooling freaky weather (oh whatever it is, but it’ll get blamed on global warming anyways) Austin is expected to have a wonderful 14F weather this week. Given that insulation in homes here is kinda slim, especially in a garage, I was thinking about bringing in a spatial heater to […]

Google: you will now descend back to plugin hell

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In a brawl of principles, commerce, patents and desire for world domination the loosing party is usually one: compatibility. How many pages of online flame produced incompatibility between Microsoft browsers and, well, everyone else? A lot. And it goes on and on, as some users and companies are suck in the past with IE6. But […]

Love for Google results in egg-throwing, silly notes

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You can’t grow into a large company without making a few enemies crazy fans. Like the ones who throw eggs at the houses because owners dared to “opt-out” from the Google’s street view in Essen, Germany. Because a random egging of a house could have been attributed to someone else, unknown vandals also left a […]

Google Chrome: die, http://, die!

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Interesting. I had a feeling that ever since last update of Google Chrome the interface has changed ever so slightly. So, I have finally realized that one itsy-bitsy tiny, yet ever so important detail is missing. There’s no more http:// in the address bar: When you type it in, it gets removed and replaced with […]

Google Instant – like an annoying aunt

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So, Google went for another almost useless search improvement. “Google Instant” starts giving you results even before you finished typing your query, refreshing whole page on the fly. It’s like talking to an annoying aunt that starts answering before you have completed the sentence. “Wh..” “– What is the average price of Gold?” “What..” “– […]