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Google and Bing: a story of non-stolen results for hiybbprqag

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Wow. I seriously miss something, because story with supposedly Bing stealing results from Google just doesn’t make much sense. I’ve read the entry. I was also quite tempted to support Google’s “they’re cheating” scream but then I stopped and re-read the story more carefully. So, Google engineers tested assumption that their search results somehow leak […]

Google lost the war on spam in shopping results

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So, thanks to global warming global cooling freaky weather (oh whatever it is, but it’ll get blamed on global warming anyways) Austin is expected to have a wonderful 14F weather this week. Given that insulation in homes here is kinda slim, especially in a garage, I was thinking about bringing in a spatial heater to […]

Google: you will now descend back to plugin hell

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In a brawl of principles, commerce, patents and desire for world domination the loosing party is usually one: compatibility. How many pages of online flame produced incompatibility between Microsoft browsers and, well, everyone else? A lot. And it goes on and on, as some users and companies are suck in the past with IE6. But […]

Love for Google results in egg-throwing, silly notes

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You can’t grow into a large company without making a few enemies crazy fans. Like the ones who throw eggs at the houses because owners dared to “opt-out” from the Google’s street view in Essen, Germany. Because a random egging of a house could have been attributed to someone else, unknown vandals also left a […]

Google Chrome: die, http://, die!

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Interesting. I had a feeling that ever since last update of Google Chrome the interface has changed ever so slightly. So, I have finally realized that one itsy-bitsy tiny, yet ever so important detail is missing. There’s no more http:// in the address bar: When you type it in, it gets removed and replaced with […]