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Google and Business Reviews: just a little bit of history repeating?

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And here is yet another story of a scuffle between Google and other people due to content re-distribution. This time — business reviews. As the official blog reports, Google Places will no longer feature reviews from Yelp and other sources. Yelp did pull the content from Google before but after some time there was an […]

The most fun I’ve had with 3D this week: Google Maps Street View

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Well, I’ve completely missed the fact that Google Maps Street View is now available in 3D. So, while Hollywood is wringing hands about 3D getting stale, stereoscopic maps are just beginning. Sure, Blue Aliens With USB Tails are fun in 3D, but so are houses and that special “computer vision” that Google uses on Street […]

Google sends a big juicy smooch to phishing sites: no url bar!

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I’ve already complained about Google Chrome’s sudden desire to whack the protocol from URL bar (and favicon too, though that’s secondary). Now Google is about to give a big juicy smooch to all the phishers out there — a new experimental feature in Google Chrome — hide that pesky address bar completely. Well, the tool […]

Google translate – where a dot means a lot

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Google Translate is a fun service — both as something that helps you to get a vague idea about what some news article in foreign language says, as well as an endless source of amusement and OMG WTF moments (without BBQ, unfortunately). Lesson number one: a measly dot, or an absence of one can spoil […]