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Review: Prototype 2 (4.5 stars)

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Prototype 2 A little while ago I watched the Prototype walk-through (thank you, Tetraninja), and figured it could be fun to try the second game. Hence, I bought and actually already finished the game. Surprising, but it turned out to be pretty good, though rather short, so I’m giving it four stars out of five. […]

Games and escapism — not so much escaping lately

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I have to admit, I play games to forget about my day. Heck, about regular reality at all. It’s a perfect way, really, or at least it used to be. Aside from being able to restore previously saved game state and try again (admit it, you wanted to do that with presidency — save the […]

Google Plus Games: neat idea, doom for Facebook

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And… the games are here. Yes, one of the most important part in “monetization” aspect is now already here and Google+ from a social experiment will now be turned into a profitable social experiment. Even though the games themselves are free, there are plenty of chances to earn a bit of money. First the good […]

Review: Castlevania Lords of Shadow (4.75 stars)

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Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Of course I couldn’t miss a chance to get the Castlevania game for PS3. I still remember quite vividly playing the Vampire Killer on MSX 2 system, which at the time was quite impressive (music and all), and here trailers also looked quite promising (plus I am done with the […]

Game soundtrack: Sidhe – Shatter by Module

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Shatter – Official Videogame Soundtrack by Module for Sidhe I don’t know how exactly I missed Shatter game (PS3, though they say it’s available for PC too). I was reading one of the “best Playstation 3 games” lists and it caught my attention as I do like good old break-out/arcanoid, ever since I had a […]