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Review and advise: Pandora on HTC EVO with Ford Sync

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So, after most of my shenanigans with bluetooth were over, of course I decided to try the new App Link for Sync. Several steps were required — I downloaded Sync update (old thumb drive did not work, so, before downloading anything, make sure your USB thumb drive is readable by plugging it into car and […]

2011 Ford Fiesta: Sync screens could be improved

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I love my Ford Fiesta. I’ve put more than 5k miles on it already, and driving experience is great. I also love Sync — mostly because it gives me ability to stream music from my cell phone (hello, Pulsradio and Pandora), as well as do the regular car audio things — radio, CDs, etc. While […]

Ford Sync: Strangeness you can get used to

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Carrying on rants about 2011 Ford Fiesta’s Sync. Car’s Sync system pretends to be two bluetooth devices — one for phone (headset) the other — audio system. They can sorta co-exist at the same time. If you say “phone” then you get phone/headset interface (“Call Jane Doe” will correctly get processed and a call will […]

Ford Sync: Great and Not so Great

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So, I keep on getting used to my new car. And, of course, I am trying to get used to that creation of mad genius named Ford Sync. And the mad genius is Microsoft. Which is, kinda, a bad news in the whole situation. As I understand it, this, essentially, one of first forays by […]

Ford Fiesta: Engine oil pressure low on day one

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Because life would be too boring without “nice” little surprises, almost exactly one day after the purchase, my new Ford Fiesta seems to have an indigestion. Already. This afternoon onboard computer chimed and briefly showed “Engine oil pressure low” message, along with recommendation to stop safely. Before I managed to react, message cleared out, and […]