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Chicago school bans homemade lunches

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So, up until this week general public didn’t know that for 6 years Chicago school banned homemade lunches in the name of “healthful eating”. And big bucks for school lunch provider Chartwells-Thompson. Not surprising. Yes, parents make many bad decisions, and no, school district still doesn’t seem to put the responsibility on them in a […]

San Francisco: Just sell them a toy with a meal

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So, in all that excitement of elections (and push-back from general public to the ideas that Democrats attempted to bring to life), San Francisco went and earned itself another merit badge of “How Not To Do Things”. This time they made a law that bans McDonald’s Happy Meal starting from December 1st. As usual, all […]

OMG The Mutant Fish is coming. To your table.

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So, the new Genetically Modified (GM, sorry, troubled car manufacturer) fish is about to be approved by FDA for food purposes. And there we go again with all the howling about “Frankenfish”, how horrible and unpredictable mutations are, how people will die after biting a piece of sushi that contains meat from genetically modified fish. […]

Happy Palm, not so happy Meal

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Well, as usual, there are good and bad things happening. First about Palm — HP bought them. And while I may be kicking myself for not buying Palm stock (just to sell it immediately at the announcement of the purchase) I can’t help but wonder if Palm will just dissolve inside HP. Why? Well, anyone […]

Census fortune cookies continue to creep people out

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Back in February Seattle Times wrote about fortune cookie promotion that US Census ordered. Overall 2 million fortune cookies got dull and somewhat creepy messages that prod people, who decided to dine out at chinese food place, to drop their chopsticks and get down to census. Well, apparently those cookies are still around, even though […]