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HTC EVO 4G – that overwhelming feeling

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So, I have finally got my HTC EVO. Hello, Sprint. Almost goodbye AT&T (sorry, but no iPhone 4G for me, not for a while anyways). First several hours of new phone ownership resulted in: – one somewhat pissed-off cat. At the very first sight of the new HTC black shiny charger cat thought only one […]

Sprint: very first billing gaffe already

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So, I did open a new line of service with Sprint. Given their 30 days “real” money-back guarantee, it should be more than enough time to check if coverage and everything else is good enough to switch from my current AT&T plan. And… Sprint managed to screw up billing already. I filled out the order […]

Qik: $5 will be for “premium” features

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I guess Qik quickly realized what storm that “oh and give us $5 for video chat” thing brought, so now they say that charge will be for some premium feature. Without saying what kind of premium feature it will be. But that basic video chat will be free. So, short of offering a once-a-month chance […]

Sprint EVO Playbook anti-points

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The Sprint HTC EVO’s playbook information is out. And it has specific page about extra $10 they want to squeeze out for the privilege of having the phone. So, let’s review the points: 1. Front and rear cameras, including 8MP camera that records videos in HD. What does having (or not having) camera has to […]

Qik: good luck charging $5 for video chat

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Oh wow, looks like Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G is going to be one of those flagman products that nickels and dimes you to death. In addition to $10 monthly fee for the luxury of having that phone, it turned out that video chat will bring yet another monthly fee. This time it’ll be for Qik’s […]