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Census: ads are getting weirder

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Interesting. Theoretically, everyone should have received the census form by now. Heck, probably filled it up and mailed it back too. But the radio continues to play ads for census and those ads are getting weirder and weirder. The last one I heard was telling a story of a city school that only had 5 […]

Census fortune cookies continue to creep people out

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Back in February Seattle Times wrote about fortune cookie promotion that US Census ordered. Overall 2 million fortune cookies got dull and somewhat creepy messages that prod people, who decided to dine out at chinese food place, to drop their chopsticks and get down to census. Well, apparently those cookies are still around, even though […]

Census: form in hand, questions in mind

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On there’s a recurring joke — in Soviet Russia [any noun] [any verb] you! In this case it would be “in Soviet Russia, census participates in you!” (yes, grammatically incorrect, but you get the picture). But to my surprise, US census form seems to be asking for more personal information, than Russian one. There […]