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Ford Fiesta: It’s a VINner!

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Well, it’s been a while since the last status update on my pre-ordered Ford Fiesta. Dealership decided to play AWOL or just hide, as they obviously couldn’t tell anything beyond “Retail Verification will contact you later”. Except later never came. So I broke down and sent a few questions to Sam De La Garza, Ford […]

Days go by, still no Fiesta

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Days go by, mostly in mad rush of work and this and that. But today I’ve noticed it’s already 12th. And… no confirmation from Ford about my new Ford Fiesta. Feeling a bit disappointed. Given how interactive the brand is, and how much more social it is, the whole waiting period could probably have been […]

Ford Fiesta: A little thank-you gift

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Today postman brought an interesting cylinder, sent to me by Ford. “Thank you for reserving your all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta” it said on the cylinder, along with my address and Fiesta logo. Inside? A small box with a 2011 Ford Fiesta Flash Drive. “Drive one,” says Ford’s motto. Well, there is one drive in the […]