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Bye, Sprint, hello Straight Talk

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Well, I did it. I joined the ranks of people who scare the cr*p out of wireless carriers — prepaid users! Mostly I’ve done it because Sprint pissed me off one final time™ Out of major carriers Sprint has been one of the last one(s) to offer unlimited data (now T-Mobile is back with their […]

Time Warner is testing the usage billing. Again

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When AT&T announced caps back in May you probably pretty much figured out that Time Warner will be headed there too quite soon. Well, the soon is now. Bloomberg reports that TW CEO says they’re working on installing meters. Just like the Communist Party, it will be done “for the sake of fairness” and, I […]

AT&T and T-Mobile – Sprint’s bad luck

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Well, that was unexpected. As many others, I think the AT&T – T-Mobile merger will result in this: It’s like trying to merge a hipster with an old bureaucrat and expect hipster to win — doesn’t normally happen. I don’t think T-Mobile’s customer service will really go downhill once the merger is approved. And I […]

AT&T wants to auto-enroll you in tethering plan

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Ah yes, the new bastion of fair usage and caps, AT&T, now decided to auto-switch users who tether their phones by using jailbreak to their special tethering plan, which costs more and gives a separate 2Gb bucket specifically for laptop/whatever data. You probably remember that they’ve done something similar before — Media Net packages with […]

AT&T adds overages, drops unlimited internet on DLS/U-verse from May 2

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So, there it is, that final blow to Netflix’s idea of becoming a streaming empire, or at least put a brake to it, as families with several people watching streaming content will probably run over the limit. AT&T confirmed that starting from May 2nd 2011 there will be no unlimited internet plans. Users on DSL […]