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Apple subscription – death to periodicals

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So, it finally happened, Apple has announced subscription service for in-store purchases, and, by definition, will now be prohibiting any “tricks” with linking to an outside web site to complete the purchase. All while taking the same 30% cut of the sales price. Given the margins that subscription services work on, it’s insane. And it […]

The Beatles and the iTunes: pure marketing genius

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I mean it has to be Steve Jobs’es pure marketing genius streak, otherwise how can you blow up a completely irrelevant non-event into this giant mega-gala announcement that’s supposed to be unforgettable and all? Front page of being occupied by a band that hasn’t released a new album since… well… a very long time […]

Shareholders to Apple: give us the money NOW!

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That’s why I don’t like shareholders and those “Wall Street Analysts” in general. They are near-sighted, behave like spoiled brats and generally bring to companies nothing but grief (and some money during IPO). Because Apple managed to amass $45.8 billion in cash, investors demand that those funds be given to them in the form of […]

iPhone 4 – “our bars are all wrong”

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So, I’ve read the Apple’s press release about the iPhone 4 death grip reception problem. Lovely. Now I have just a few questions: – why was AT&T’s “recently recommended” formula for calculating and displaying number of bars ignored in the first place? Was it something that AT&T did when Apple asked them? Or they never […]