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How Amazon killed the PlayBook’s chance for mass adoption

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So, it’s been a few days since Amazon introduced its Kindle Fire, and now I think we can put a final dot in RIM’s PlayBook’s chance for mass adoption. Poor RIM, undercut by the very same hardware manufacturer that made the PlayBook. But first, let me tell the reasons why I think PlayBook won’t play […]

Amazon: now without Illinois affiliates

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And the attempt to force collection of local taxes goes on. Today’s example — Illinois. Governor has finally signed the law that expands nexus of presence of online stores to affiliates, which means as soon as company has a link affiliate in the state, it has to start collecting local sales tax. This is no […]

Amazon to Texas: fine, we’ll close the distribution center

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Amazon is not a stranger to a tax fight, and looks like that fight has just escalated. Amazon’s VP of Operations has just sent a letter, announcing closing of Dallas suburb fulfillment center because the state of Texas demanded $269 million in uncollected sales taxes from 2005 till 2009 plus penalties and interest (you know, […]

Amazon’s robots are going mad too

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Usually I gripe about Google, how inhuman and weird its algorithms are, and how blatantly they disregard human habits and behavior (privacy including, as that famous quote from Eric Schmidt let the whole world know, that Google thinks everything should be public knowledge). Alas Amazon’s robots are going mad too. Today’s example of “programmer’s logic […]