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T-Mobile: Un-carrier with somewhat better prices

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Looks like T-Mobile’s new “uncarrier” plans are now live. And it’s a good thing. Kinda. First, the good part: – no more contract. If you want a “discounted” phone, you have to just finance it, and add to monthly payments. This was always the worst possible aspect of US cell phone service — you used […]

Waze community driving: still not quite there, though fun to use

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I’ve been using community mapping/navigation Waze for quite some time now. And while the latest Android version works much better on my HTC EVO 4G, the UI-wise there are still some problems. Or I simply have wrong expectations (which is quite possible). First of all, their “dynamic zooming” doesn’t seem to work on EVO at […]

Sprint: bye, price advantage, hello $10 fee for everyone

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Well, not everyone, just everyone who wants to buy an Android or Windows 7 or Blackberry phone. Which is a lot of people anyways. I already wrote about anti-points on their $10 for 4G service last May. Now this $10 “because we can” fee is spreading to everyone on a new contract. But that’d be […]

Sprint: Samsung 4G phone capped at 150k for 3G upload?

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Well looky here, yet another problem that Sprint brought on itself with that extra $10 charge for 4G phones. Samsung Epic 4G users have noticed that 3G upload speed is capped at 150k which is less than what non-4G (and HTC EVO 4G) phones get in 3G-only mode. I mean the fact that upload is […]

HTC EVO 4G is about to get Android 2.2

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So, Sprint has officially announced that starting from Tuesday August 3rd HTC EVO 4G will get an update to Android 2.2 Froyo. Great news! Hopefully the problem with reboots will be fixed. And also hope that whoever writes the press releases would stop swimming in the sea of legalize. Otherwise it’s getting a bit annoying, […]