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Starz to Netflix: give us tiered plan, or else!

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Or else, Netflix’es streaming plan is pretty much dead. I mean, I don’t know how else to interpret the current situation. First of all, Starz-Netflix negotiation was already at $300 million a year (see LA Times story). Which is a huge increase from previous extra cheap all-you-can-stream license Netflix was so lucky to get. Starz […]

Google Plus Games: neat idea, doom for Facebook

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And… the games are here. Yes, one of the most important part in “monetization” aspect is now already here and Google+ from a social experiment will now be turned into a profitable social experiment. Even though the games themselves are free, there are plenty of chances to earn a bit of money. First the good […]

Google and Business Reviews: just a little bit of history repeating?

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And here is yet another story of a scuffle between Google and other people due to content re-distribution. This time — business reviews. As the official blog reports, Google Places will no longer feature reviews from Yelp and other sources. Yelp did pull the content from Google before but after some time there was an […]

Netflix: back where it all started

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Surprising, but looks like Netflix just went back to where it was in November of 2010 when it decided to introduce unlimited streaming plans. Kinda. I wrote a short rant on how they were trying to chase away DVD customers by raising up prices and justifying it with “well, we’re doing more streaming now”. And […]