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Ice Cream Sandwich presentation: first impressions

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Well, I’ve watched to Ice Cream Sandwich presentation from Hong Kong. It’s always nice to see new hardware and software, though here the actual presentation seemed to have ran into rough patches repeatedly. Aside from the fact that all presenters were speaking in front of a video screen (which created horrible dotted patterns, driving youtube […]

How Amazon killed the PlayBook’s chance for mass adoption

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So, it’s been a few days since Amazon introduced its Kindle Fire, and now I think we can put a final dot in RIM’s PlayBook’s chance for mass adoption. Poor RIM, undercut by the very same hardware manufacturer that made the PlayBook. But first, let me tell the reasons why I think PlayBook won’t play […]

DreamWorks Animation signs with Netflix for $30mil a movie

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The New York Times writes about a streaming deal between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation. While it’s a great news — any additional content on streaming is welcome after that kerfuffle with price changes and all, I couldn’t help but notice that little analyst estimation of $30 million per picture per unspecified time period. Now, analysts […]

Google Wallet: a fun beginning

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The new service from Google Google Wallet is a fun beginning. While it’s rather limited at the time, I believe it could be a nice and useful way to help users to save real money. But there are certain things that should happen first or at least very soon: – Any card, any bank, for […]

Netflix separates DVD service into Qwikster

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So, Netflix is going to further separate out DVD-by-mail from network streaming and now there’s going to be Qwikster. Aside from reminding me of that Netsle’s drink mix, it’s a bit sad that logo and web address will change. More interesting, is how much of a firewall will there be between the companies. Specifically, would […]