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iPad: now with Lifetime Limit of Two

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Wow, Apple is just full of surprizes (and I am not talking about that “lost, deactivated, but soooo real” iPhone 4th generation that Gizmodo got its hands on). Apparently there is a “lifetime limit of 2 iPads” per customer, which this guy found out the hard way — by buying a few extra iPads for […]

A day of promises for SE

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Surprising, how easy it is for fans to fall for that old “OBS” news source (in this particular case — One Blabber Said, a translation of Russian expression “Odna baba skazala” which literally means “some woman said it” and is used to indicate a rumor of unknown and dubious origin). Some person wrote on the […]

Phones and volcanoes and weather, oh my

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First the bad news. That volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajokull glaciercauses massive delays in air travel. I suppose it’s a small consolation that this is probably fantastic chance to study atmosphere (global warming or not). Most of the flights will be cancelled, but while passengers scramble in panic to get to where they have to be, […]

Online storage: metered billing will kill it

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I’ve been using Drop Box Free Edition and so far am quite happy. It took the place of a “virtual” thumb drive — you can access your data almost anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about loosing the flash-drive. Of course there are perils — if you log in from some virus-infected Windows machine […]

BN Nook: when power button is not enough

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I love gadgets. Even though I’m not as crazed about getting the newest and greatest thing (hence absence of iPad that I just “don’t get” yet, not until the OS gets updated anyways) I still periodically buy gadgets I don’t need, but do want. BN Nook was one of those gadgets. I was one of […]