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The Sinner’s Fate is… Disney?

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Robots are attacking the internets every day. In both marketing and context ads robots seem to be winning practically every day. Today’s WTF context ad is brought to you by peddlers of Disney World on DVD. Who, for some not-so-clear reason, think that people, who are looking for sinner’s fate t-shirt on ebay are not […]

Happy Palm, not so happy Meal

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Well, as usual, there are good and bad things happening. First about Palm — HP bought them. And while I may be kicking myself for not buying Palm stock (just to sell it immediately at the announcement of the purchase) I can’t help but wonder if Palm will just dissolve inside HP. Why? Well, anyone […]

No Google Nexus on Verizon – not a big loss

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I’m still curious about CDMA version of Google’s Nexus one. But given the circumstances, I am not sad to see Verizon drop the phone. Or rather Google confirming, that phone is no longer planned for Verizon (so much for those “sign up right here and we will let you know when the phone is available” […]

McAfee: when cure is worse than a problem

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There used to be a time, when McAfee products were nice, lean, and using them wasn’t fraught with perils of nuking your system due to antivirus wonkieness. Well, those times have been gone for a while now. Today there’s another news on McAfee antivirus going insane, deciding that part of the system is an evil […]

Neat receipts: close but no cigar

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Neat Receipts with Mobile Scanner from Neatworks (Windows) Summary: Pretty, but dumb A while ago I managed to get a Neat Receipt mobile kit from Neatworks via Woot. In addition to be able to snatch a deal, I was excited at the thought of effortless organizing, swift scanning, easy filing, and removing piles of paper […]