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Sprint jinxed itself again?

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Funny, but looks like mass media is onto Sprint and HTC EVO. The Street writes about that little nasty stupid greedy extra $10 a month they planned for the right, nay, the privilege of owning a nice modern phone with fast cpu and big screen. And the fact that they planned a release on June […]

HTC EVO 4G $200 and $79 monthly

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Well, this is it. Finally, after long wait, pricing and plan details of HTC EVO 4G for Sprint have been announced. No big surprises here. A small pleasant surprise — price of the device will be $200. Rebate for $100 means the real price will be $300 + tax, minus rebate. Sometimes I wonder if […]

Marketing genius: celebrities call you. Or is it?

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A friend of mine sent me a link to the site (not a link, because I don’t think it’s a good way to spend 4 bucks). After listening to several of the “sample” messages and poking around the forms, I remembered train station in Russia. St Petersburg one had a system like that — […]

Prepaid gets serious about data thanks to Sprint

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Wow. Looks like someone at Sprint got serious about prepaid market penetration and future vision. Virgin Mobile, which was bought by Sprint a while back and always been using Sprint network, will offer new Beyond Talk plans with unlimited data and sms and emails for as little as $25 (300 minutes, or 1200 for $40). […]