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HTC EVO 4G: Battery life and voice dial

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Well, after two days of use I can see how it’s possible to live through almost a whole day and not run out of battery, but it’s not very pretty. Surprising, but my phone seems to waste more energy on WiFi than 3G. Last day started at 9AM and up till midnight, during which about […]

HTC EVO 4G – that overwhelming feeling

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So, I have finally got my HTC EVO. Hello, Sprint. Almost goodbye AT&T (sorry, but no iPhone 4G for me, not for a while anyways). First several hours of new phone ownership resulted in: – one somewhat pissed-off cat. At the very first sight of the new HTC black shiny charger cat thought only one […]

Google maps: give me “send to phone” button

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Yes, yes, yes, I know Google is controlled by robots that simply don’t understand how humans operate. Heck, I suffer from that sometimes too, as I can’t imagine how non-techie must react in a certain situation. But common sense still has to be there somewhere. So, why on Google Earth we don’t have “send to […]

Sprint: very first billing gaffe already

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So, I did open a new line of service with Sprint. Given their 30 days “real” money-back guarantee, it should be more than enough time to check if coverage and everything else is good enough to switch from my current AT&T plan. And… Sprint managed to screw up billing already. I filled out the order […]

Bad day for mobile data users

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It was expected for a while now, but still, anouncement that AT&T will no longer offer unlimited data was kind of unexpected. For now the new “improvement” is only for 3G iPhone and iPad, but I am sure it will be expanded further to all other models of mobile devices. After all, they go from […]