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Amazon’s robots are going mad too

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Usually I gripe about Google, how inhuman and weird its algorithms are, and how blatantly they disregard human habits and behavior (privacy including, as that famous quote from Eric Schmidt let the whole world know, that Google thinks everything should be public knowledge). Alas Amazon’s robots are going mad too. Today’s example of “programmer’s logic […]

Only Apple can teach people how to handle the phone

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So, I did check co-worker’s phone for the “reception issue” where grabbing the phone by the sides results in gradual 4-bar signal strength loss. In his case it started with 5 bars and ended with 1, still being able to receive the call, though placing a call took a long time. Yes, the antenna problems […]

Buy a box for 40 bucks? No, thanks

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I should not really be surprised that Apple produces a certain clout of “expensive design-er-ness-ness feeling”. Where simple products that cost a few cents/bucks to make, magically become more expensive because they are “designed for Apple” or look kinda like Apple products. Well, in a “regular” store anyways, eventually there will be chinese knock-offs for […]

Worries about EVO, wonders of Sprint service

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So, today I have noticed a small “bulge” on my EVO, right where the volume buttons are. Seems that the side of the case at that point is either ungluing itself or something inside of the phone expanded beyond the accommodation of the chassis. Or I could be just one of those hypochondriacs that always […]

AT&T’s “Sorry” email, translation from marketing speak

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AT&T’s system got “hacked”, and iPad owners’ email addresses were harvested. So now appropriate departments have decided to send an email to somehow communicate what the frell is going on. Oh, and make sure that they’re taking it seriously. First, I’m not quite sure if it was as much of a hack or just a […]