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Hydrogen power-cells: eco-crazy strange device

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Well, hydrogen craziness is gaining strength. Specifically I’m talking about this MiniPAK from the Horizon, which is an “individual fuel cell”. This thing provides approximately 12 watt hours of energy storage. Fantastic! Except, you know, 18 watt-hour battery packs these days costs about $50 (okay, $80 if you want fancy version with car charger, a […]

Ford Sync: Strangeness you can get used to

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Carrying on rants about 2011 Ford Fiesta’s Sync. Car’s Sync system pretends to be two bluetooth devices — one for phone (headset) the other — audio system. They can sorta co-exist at the same time. If you say “phone” then you get phone/headset interface (“Call Jane Doe” will correctly get processed and a call will […]

Ford Sync: Great and Not so Great

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So, I keep on getting used to my new car. And, of course, I am trying to get used to that creation of mad genius named Ford Sync. And the mad genius is Microsoft. Which is, kinda, a bad news in the whole situation. As I understand it, this, essentially, one of first forays by […]

Quit it, Moto, let people install what they want

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So, Motorola practically overnight turned from pioneer of neat Android devices to nasty villain, trying to lock everything down with eFuse chips. Technicalities flying around about if eFuse will ‘brick’ or won’t ‘brick’ the phones. Motorola, of course, says that it wouldn’t. It’s just phone won’t boot into “unauthorized” software, thanks to the chip. I […]

iPhone 4 – “our bars are all wrong”

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So, I’ve read the Apple’s press release about the iPhone 4 death grip reception problem. Lovely. Now I have just a few questions: – why was AT&T’s “recently recommended” formula for calculating and displaying number of bars ignored in the first place? Was it something that AT&T did when Apple asked them? Or they never […]