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Summer madness: branding and social craze

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Wow. I did not expect several companies go bonkers this summer practically at the same time. What worse, in each case it seems to be a long-planned (and horribly executed) move that leaves me scratching my head. Let’s start with AirBnB and its universal symbol for vagi certain body parts. I understand desire to re-brand […]

Mobile App UX: Don’t be a hysterical princess

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So, Facebook actually decided to improve their mobile application experience after going to Africa. It’s nice of them. Except they didn’t really need to go to Africa, just go to a bad coverage area. Or look at an overage charge from AT&T. And hey, suddenly US mobile life is not that great. But I digress. […]

Amazon Fire: Um… no.

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So, the Amazon has now introduced its very own kinda-Android Fire Phone. Neat. Except I keep wondering, why? One of the primary differentiating function is, apparently, the Dynamic Perspective. Which requires several cameras and lets you “look” at kinda-3D things in your phone. It’s interesting but not really ground-breaking. Remember all those apps for iPad […]

Straight Talk: slight trouble in MMS paradise

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So, after months of good service, Straight Talk / TracFone suddenly sent me “Please restart your phone to apply settings” type of message. Looks like they have modified their APN settings (used to be AT&T MVNO and now it’s more “TracFone”-like “tfdata”). I rebooted my phone, and everything seemed to be fine. Except my MMS […]

Microsoft finally buys Nokia. Bye, Nokia

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It’s been a loooong time, but the moment everyone was waiting for is finally here. Stephen Elop’s work is done, and crippled, bloodied, slightly twitching corpse of previously all-powerful cell phone giant Nokia has been sold off to the Microsoft for a measly 5.66 Billion Euro in cash. Measly, because just a little while ago […]