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The Global Warming will… will… will threaten your WiFi! There!

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Wow, just wow. Yes, I know that UK government is more concerned about the global warming… er… climate change. But claiming that it will threaten UK’s WiFi connections? That’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I mean come on, claiming there will be millions of displaced people due to climate change didn’t work out […]

Google Voice: Hold off on activating Sprint integration

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Google Voice has finally turned on it’s integration with Sprint cell phone subscribers. Or, at least, for most of them. And, unsurprisingly, a large swath of problems is now making life of those “early adopters” miserable. And I’m not surprised. Google has always been a company for robots and adventurous humans. Most things are extremely […]

Marketing weirdness: Living Techie

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Ah, the Groupon/LivingSocial Clones… Gotta love that swarm of sites, all offering subscription to some “special deal”, once a day (or so, weekends can be weird) with outrageous deals. And what do I see? A new one, advertised by Techcrunch. Of course I had to check it out (at least as a thanks for momentarily […]

Google translate – where a dot means a lot

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Google Translate is a fun service — both as something that helps you to get a vague idea about what some news article in foreign language says, as well as an endless source of amusement and OMG WTF moments (without BBQ, unfortunately). Lesson number one: a measly dot, or an absence of one can spoil […]

Waze community driving: still not quite there, though fun to use

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I’ve been using community mapping/navigation Waze for quite some time now. And while the latest Android version works much better on my HTC EVO 4G, the UI-wise there are still some problems. Or I simply have wrong expectations (which is quite possible). First of all, their “dynamic zooming” doesn’t seem to work on EVO at […]