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Zappos: where your review makes you look smarter than you are

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One of my friends shared a link to the Slate article about review editing, which referred a study about the impact of well-written reviews on sales by Panos Ipeirotis. Well, the study was about improving product prediction, but as a side note authors noted, that well-written reviews, with no grammar and spelling errors, improve sales […]

Waze community driving: still not quite there, though fun to use

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I’ve been using community mapping/navigation Waze for quite some time now. And while the latest Android version works much better on my HTC EVO 4G, the UI-wise there are still some problems. Or I simply have wrong expectations (which is quite possible). First of all, their “dynamic zooming” doesn’t seem to work on EVO at […]

Review and advise: Pandora on HTC EVO with Ford Sync

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So, after most of my shenanigans with bluetooth were over, of course I decided to try the new App Link for Sync. Several steps were required — I downloaded Sync update (old thumb drive did not work, so, before downloading anything, make sure your USB thumb drive is readable by plugging it into car and […]

Review: Kalayna Price — Grave Witch (4 stars)

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Kalayna Price: Grave Witch (Alex Craft, Book 1) I continue my search for the perfect (okay, “good enough” will work) urban paranormal detective series. I found this Alex Craft story by accident, and decided to give it a go. Overall it’s not bad. The “Spunky Female Factor” is kinda there, but the main heroine is […]

The Beatles and the iTunes: pure marketing genius

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I mean it has to be Steve Jobs’es pure marketing genius streak, otherwise how can you blow up a completely irrelevant non-event into this giant mega-gala announcement that’s supposed to be unforgettable and all? Front page of being occupied by a band that hasn’t released a new album since… well… a very long time […]