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Sherlock TV Series: kinda nice, 4 out of 5

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I am way behind on watching the TV. Or should I say “telly”, given that this time I’ve been watching British TV series Sherlock from way back in 2010. First episode left me positively impressed, I loved it. Second and third were kinda nice but the actual puzzles in the third one were downright boring. […]

Google Plus Games: neat idea, doom for Facebook

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And… the games are here. Yes, one of the most important part in “monetization” aspect is now already here and Google+ from a social experiment will now be turned into a profitable social experiment. Even though the games themselves are free, there are plenty of chances to earn a bit of money. First the good […]

The “new” new Nook: just great

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Back in 2010 I actually bought the first B&N Nook. The device was curious, shortcomings were somewhat annoying, and beyond a crowd of enthusiasts that would buy practically anything Android-powered, it was an “Ok” device. Since then, Barnes & Noble released another “new” Nook — the color one, which I skipped (I’ll wait for the […]

Sony and Debix: scary number of errors

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So, Sony has (finally) made the second step of trying to smoothe over this horrible Playstation Network hacking incident, and actually emailed out the invitation link to get free identity theft protection from Debix. Specifically their “AllClear ID PLUS” (the link is specific to Sony customers). Given a series of “secondary” hacks occuring at a […]