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Census: form in hand, questions in mind

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On there’s a recurring joke — in Soviet Russia [any noun] [any verb] you! In this case it would be “in Soviet Russia, census participates in you!” (yes, grammatically incorrect, but you get the picture). But to my surprise, US census form seems to be asking for more personal information, than Russian one. There […]

If you want broadband measured, do it yourself

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That old proverb — if you want something to be done well, do it yourself, is perfect for broadband measurements. For quite a while now FCC used third parties in “measuring” the broadband. And while practically any geek that lives outside the Verizon’s FIOS fiberoptic heaven can tell you on the spot “US broadband sucks, […]

Amazon, Colorado, sales tax and greed

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Oh greed, you rule all. Politicians are especially susceptible to it, because usually when the budget falls through, they prefer to rip more money from someone else, rather than reduce expenses. I suppose it’s normal for people to get used to new life, and then look back in horror on how they lived 5-10 years […]