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Unemployment statistics: kabuki dance of masking

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So, yet another unemployment number has been released and statistics shows that the number is a bit “up”. Not surprising, given how distorted economical landscape is. But I still keep wondering, when the statistics will be brought to something more natural and/or useful. The correct answer is, of course, “never”. Because it makes politicians look […]

Busses and rail and riders, oh my!

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Public transportation always seemed to be a problem in Austin. Ever since I moved here I don’t remember public transport serving many people in areas beyond downtown and the UT area. And that seems to be a problem now, ever since Leander got connected to downtown via the rail system (or, rather, that they decided […]

State Representative Lon Burnam wants an income tax

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Oh gosh. There we go again. Every time there’s financial trouble, certain group of politicians immediately starts singing that old song of “if only there was an income tax in Texas!”. That it would cure the budget deficit, makes school system less suck-y and bring down the property tax, which is quite high compared to […]

In California you can see burrito from the wheelchair

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Here’s an interesting ruling — customer in wheelchair has the right to see food preparation. Specifically, it was a case against two Chipotle restaurants in California, where 45″ wall by the counter didn’t allow someone in a wheelchair to see how the burrito gets assembled. Now after a few years Chipotle did modify the counter […]