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San Francisco: Just sell them a toy with a meal

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So, in all that excitement of elections (and push-back from general public to the ideas that Democrats attempted to bring to life), San Francisco went and earned itself another merit badge of “How Not To Do Things”. This time they made a law that bans McDonald’s Happy Meal starting from December 1st. As usual, all […]

Unions cost NZ $500 million movie project

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So, the Hobbit, that long-awaited prequel to the Lord of the Rings movies could be moving away from NZ after all. And all because of actor’s union that issued a stop-work order to all its members. Except the ban is no longer in place (or how NZ papers notice that there are no industrial issues) […]

First victim of new health care law: child-only policies

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First provisions of the new health care (insurance, really) reform law is going into effect, and, just as I suspected, the first “side effects” are already here. Insurers in Texas decided to stop offering child-only coverage completely, rather than face unlimited liability and “can’t deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions” restrictions. From business point of […]

OMG The Mutant Fish is coming. To your table.

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So, the new Genetically Modified (GM, sorry, troubled car manufacturer) fish is about to be approved by FDA for food purposes. And there we go again with all the howling about “Frankenfish”, how horrible and unpredictable mutations are, how people will die after biting a piece of sushi that contains meat from genetically modified fish. […]

Camera sees what you’ve been throwing into trash

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A little while ago there was a story about Cleveland that decided to put RFID chips into recycling bins, so that collecting car can mark, how many times you put the recycle bing out for collection, and what was the ratio of your “regular” and “recycled” garbage, with, of course, fines if you’re not recycling […]