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No choice but to participate in health care?

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I already did my ranting about the individual health insurance and how I believe it’s an attempt to fix a consequence rather than the cause of the problem. But lately lawsuits showed another strange set of arguments why the idea behind “buy insurance or pay a fine” should be implemented. In this case administration plays […]

How equal should schools be?

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Given that I didn’t go through local school system, I am quite ignorant about it, and some of what I see seem to be… bizarre. If not worse. For example, a set of extremely dumb and inflexible rules usually prepended with “zero tolerance” or an incessant desire to make all schools “equal”. Intellectually I understand […]

Comcast would like more money from Netflix/Level3

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So, it didn’t take that long until providers started to demand more money for streaming content. Right now that little kerfluffle is between Comcast and Level 3, which is now handling a large chunk of Netflix’s online movie streaming traffic. Comcast would like Level 3 to pay it money, please. And if Level 3 didn’t […]

Denair middle school to student: no flag on school property

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And here’s another example of political correctness going way, way overboard. Administration of Denair middle school (California, of course) prohibited 13-year old Cody Alicea from flying the US flag on his bicycle. Apparently, showing the flag of the country you live in is now politically incorrect, as some students complained the 8th grader was riding […]