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The Sinner’s Fate is… Disney?

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Robots are attacking the internets every day. In both marketing and context ads robots seem to be winning practically every day. Today’s WTF context ad is brought to you by peddlers of Disney World on DVD. Who, for some not-so-clear reason, think that people, who are looking for sinner’s fate t-shirt on ebay are not […]

Telecom pricing: ad price is not the price

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When I just moved to Texas, I was shocked at local telecommunication pricing. Not as much at how much it costs (well, at that too, sometimes) but how far away you are removed from the real price. First encounter was with the regular phone, but then pretty much the same problem happens in almost all […]

Census fortune cookies continue to creep people out

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Back in February Seattle Times wrote about fortune cookie promotion that US Census ordered. Overall 2 million fortune cookies got dull and somewhat creepy messages that prod people, who decided to dine out at chinese food place, to drop their chopsticks and get down to census. Well, apparently those cookies are still around, even though […]

Manpacks — neat idea, but will it survive?

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Gosh, I almost started this note with “while browsing the internet …” — what a dumb idea. How does one find web sites these days? While watching TV commercials? Naw. While reading newspaper? Online, which falls under “while browsing…”. There used to be catalogues as well as periodical reviews of web sites, but it’s been […]

This language, such a silky song of bureaucratic thinking

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Everyday I run into oddities of the language. I suppose I pay attention because English is not my frist language. Technically speaking it’s not even my second, though leftovers of my German are barely enough to say Wienerschnitzel (I have to remember to write an ode to the wonders of childish stubbornness towards anything knowledge, […]